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About Us

 OUR PURPOSE - To improve and optimize the drinking experience.

small-beer-business.pngHow I got started - via owner Christina Green

Cliff’s Notes Version – A college professor of mine told me we spend 80% of our lives at work. His advice was to “do what you love, and love what you do.” I happen to love relaxing with cold drinks—this is where that lead me.

Extended Version – A Kooler that fits party cups was an idea that came to me (like most good ideas) while sipping on a cocktail in my backyard. I did a quick Google search and was shocked to find that Party Cup Koolers didn’t already exist. Not more than a week later, I saw a ripped can Koozie® forced onto a Solo® cup. I thought to myself, “I’m not the only one that needs one … maybe I should make these things.”

Since then, a LOT of time, research and energy has gone into creating my products. I’m extremely proud of each and every one and know that you are going to love yours.


My Goal: To get a Party Cup Kooler in 50,000+ homes across the U.S by the year 2020. Thanks for your support. Cheers!



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