Sell Koolers

For years, drinkers enjoying beverages from a pint glass, Solo® or stadium cup have been deprived of a device to keep their drinks chilled. Koozies® work great on bottles and cans, but don’t fit onto tapered cups. Party Cup Koolers are a new and unique beverage insulator designed secifically to fit tapered cups.



These irresistible impulse buys are:

New and unique
Complementary to existing products
Purchased in multiples by shoppers
Available in over one dozen designs
Easy to merchandise
Simple to order

Are your wheels turning? Are you imagining Party Cup Koolers in your liquor aisle? Can you see them next to your craft and keg beer? Do you already have a spot next to the Solo cups picked out for them? I’d love to help make these visions a reality. Give me a call, and let’s chat about how you can get Party Cup Koolers in your store.


Christina Contreras (owner)